Industry Benchmarks: Insights and Pitfalls

Jim Brosseau, Clarrus Consulting Group, Inc.

Software and technology managers often quote industry benchmarks such as The Standish Group's CHAOS report on software project failures; other organizations use this data to judge their internal operations. Although these external benchmarks can provide insights into your company's software development performance, you need to balance the picture with internal information to make an objective evaluation. Jim Brosseau takes a deeper look at common benchmarks, including the CHAOS report, published SEI benchmark data, and more. He describes the pros and cons of these commonly used industry benchmarks with key insights into often-quoted statistics. Take away an approach that Jim has used successfully with companies to help them gain an understanding of the relationship between the demographics, practices, and performance in their groups and how these relate to external benchmarks.

  • Strengths and weaknesses of commonly used benchmarks
  • An approach that combines internal company data with industry measurements
  • Gaining actionable insights based on the unique set of data from your organization

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