Improving Software Quality Through Static Analysis

Michael Portwood, The Nielsen Company

You've implemented unit testing, pair programming, and code inspection in your development process, but defects still escape despite your best efforts. Furthermore, you discover latent defects in previously error-free software as you make changes. The problem isn't your quality efforts-it's your approach. Michael Portwood shows how practical static code analysis techniques can complement your traditional testing approaches by addressing nagging quality and design defects. He focuses on subtle but common coding issues that lead to defects, code complexity testability issues, and a wide range of architectural issues limiting product lifecycles-issues that are missed by empirical testing. Introducing static analysis into your development process is easy to accomplish. Specific quick start and real world rollout strategies help you and your team identify, isolate, and then remove latent defects before your customer tells you about them. Learn about open source and commercial products supporting static analysis of Java and Microsoft .NET.

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