How to Break Web Software

Dawn Haynes, PerfTestPlus, Inc.

If you're new to testing Web applications or facing new challenges, you may feel overwhelmed by the terminology and multiple technologies of today's Web environments. Web testing today requires more than just exercising the functionality of applications. Each system is composed of a customized mix of various layers of technology, each implemented in a different programming language and requiring unique testing strategies. This “stew” often leads to puzzling behavior across browsers; performance problems due to page design and content, server locations, and architecture; and the inconsistent operation of the bleepin' Back button! Dawn Haynes shares a Web testing strategy for discovering and targeting new areas to test and an extensive set of test design ideas and software attacks. Dawn demonstrates tools to help you take your Web testing to the next level as you test HTML syntax, page layout, download speeds, 508 compliance, readability, and more.

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