Get Out of Your Comfort Zone―Now

Tricia Broderick

In an industry that continues to rapidly evolve, the pressure to increase our mastery can be overwhelming. Whether browsing the web or your organization's technical library, it's discouraging to realize that many of the skills you’ve mastered are now obsolete, replaced by new, important ones that you know little about. Is there a way to change discouragement into excitement?  Early in her career, Tricia Broderick was terrified to take chances for fear of failing. Luckily, her determination to deliver―to achieve, learn, and evolve―set her on an accelerated path to becoming a quick learner. As she became a leader, Tricia identified what characterizes most organization superstars―the desire and ability to reach beyond their comfort zones. Sharing her personal stories, Tricia discusses the science behind why being slightly uncomfortable is the best place for learning. The only way to grow is through change as frightening as that can be. Prepare to get out of your own way, leave your comfort zone, and learn how to create places to achieve the elusive “magical” results you want. 

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