Fun with Enterprise iOS Apps

Joe Keeley

Can building an enterprise app be fun? Not “fun” in the sense of “if this is fun, we’re having it”—but actual, joyful, enthusiastic fun? Join Joe Keeley to explore how to find fun in the development lifecycle of iOS apps in enterprise environments, and (not coincidentally) how to deliver better enterprise apps with improved ROI. Start by looking at what factors are important in the selection of an iOS project, and how to optimize that selection process for apps that are quick to deliver and have high impact in the organization. Next look at the importance of design in the process and how to have fun with the design. Joe explores approaches for prototyping and early user testing for feedback and improved acceptance, and covers how to avoid some potential pitfalls when dealing with legacy APIs. Take a brief look at some code quality and code sharing considerations during the build process. And last but not least, Joe suggests ways that an organization can keep up to date with the constantly improving iOS, and have new iOS features be fun to implement rather than be painful to keep up with.

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