Frontend Testing: Stepping in and Collaborating with Developers

Gil Tayar

Testing is shifting left, moving closer to testing the code itself before the full product is ready for release. While the backend world already has established methodologies for testing, frontend developers and testers are still trying to figure out how to work together to effectively test the code. Gil Tayar suggests testers need to communicate with the frontend developers to understand the framework by which frontend code is tested, the various kinds of testing that can be performed on frontend code, and which tools can be used. During this session, Gil helps ease your fear of the unknown by teaching you how to test developer code. He discusses various test methodologies you can use and how they fit together in a coherent way. Gil also includes sample code that you can use as a template in your own project. If time permits, we'll get hands on and do a bit of live coding. Takeaways from this session include a deeper understanding of the different kinds of tests, how to decipher developer terminology regarding frontend testing, and how to write unit, integration, browser, and E2E tests.

About the Presenter

From the olden days of DOS to the contemporary world of software testing, Gil Tayar was, is, and always will be a software developer. He cofounded WebCollage, survived the bubble collapse of 2000, and worked on various big cloudy projects at Wix. His current passion is figuring out how to test software, which he has turned into his main job as evangelist and senior architect at Applitools. He has religiously tested all his software, from the early days as a junior software developer to the current days at Applitools, where he develops and tests for software that tests software, which is almost one meta layer too many for him.

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