A Framework for the Whole Team to Own Quality

Dr. Jess Ingrassellino

Enterprise software teams often keep testers in silos, only to be frustrated when testing is slow. A frequent answer is to make the whole team responsible for quality. But how does that work? How can testers engage key stakeholders in testing throughout the software development cycle? How can test managers build teams where everyone participates in a way that plays to individual strengths while simultaneously increasing collaboration? In this practical and inspiring talk, Jess Ingrassellino will share how she developed collaborative test charters when she started working as the first exploratory tester at Salesforce.org. Jess will describe how the collaborative charters have become a framework for quality consciousness that each tester uses to plan and guide testing efforts while raising visibility of testing among devs, doc writers, product managers, and other stakeholders. See how you can use free tools to create charters specific to your team's needs, learn methods to invite and inspire collaboration, and discover how you can gather the metrics that matter for your business stakeholders. You’ll be ready to build a test practice where the whole team contributes to quality using the collaborative test charters framework.

About the Presenter

Dr. Jess Ingrassellino is the director of quality engineering for the Nonprofit and Education clouds at Salesforce.org. She is a frequent speaker at international conferences and focuses on community, collaboration, and improvisational practices for enriching professional life. In her spare time, Jess teaches software testing and Python, writes, and plays violin and viola.

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