A Festivus for Leadership Alignment

Mary Thorn

One of the biggest problems facing organizations that are moving to an agile mindset is leadership alignment across the concepts, principles, and tactics. On the face of things, every leader says they understand agile and that they’re aligned. But saying it is one thing and being it is quite another. On top of that, it seems like feedback between the leaders has become nonexistent. Mary Thorn faces organizational misalignment nearly every day in agile coaching journeys. She has come up with an approach to detect, discuss, and realign organizations cross-functionally around their agile agreements. Borrowing from the Seinfeld episode that introduced the notion of Festivus (a Christmas "for the rest of us"), Mary will walk you through a Festivus playbook as an alignment facilitation technique. She has found it a fun (and highly effective) way to surface, elaborate, and align organizations on specific details of their agile approach. She will also walk you through how to teach leaders to give and receive feedback in a way that enables the Festivus to not become an HR nightmare.

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