Exposing Test Management Myths

Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc.

We’ve all heard test management myths such as: “Utilize everyone, all the time”, “Don’t let people come to you without solutions to problems,” “Training time is useless,” and my all-time favorite “Work smarter.” Are you supposed to believe them? Much of what you may have heard about management is myth—based not on evidence, but on something from the Industrial Revolution, or something that someone else read in a book that does not fit your context. And it may be wrong—dead wrong. As with many myths, they do contain a tiny nugget of truth. If you would like to learn what to do instead, to avoid the gridlock of 100 percent utilization, to help people develop solutions when they are stuck, to effectively utilize training and which kinds, to work more effectively—the kinds of management that works for knowledge workers—join Johanna in exposing test management myths.

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