Diversity without Disclosure: Rethinking Our Norms

Cheryl Hammond

[video:https://youtu.be/I2ZlRzcL204 width:300 height:200 align:right]

Organizational diversity isn't just about the attributes we can see. Every team has members with a near-infinite spectrum of needs, some of which we know about and a lot more we probably don't (and might never). How do we create a safe, accommodating space for things we aren’t aware of? It's possible. For our teams to reflect the diversity of our worlds, HR policies are necessary but not sufficient. Our teams can and should take concrete steps, large and small, to make ourselves more welcoming. You're probably doing some of them already, so let's talk about what works and how we can scale it out. From stairs, ramps, and elevators to menu planning to planking and wall sits during meetings, Cheryl Hammond discusses how to rethink our norms, retire our assumptions, ask the right questions without prying, and create space for our teammates to self-accommodate. You might never know the difference you've made, but your teams will be healthier and wiser for it.

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