A DevOps Primer: Whole Team Approaches for Better Software Quality

Marianne Hollier

With fingers wagging and eyes squinting, they query Why didn’t you find this problem during testing? How many times have you tried to defend yourself with things like We can’t test everything or It’s a corner case? Everyone knows you can’t improve quality with testing alone, so what can you do? Marianne Hollier shares practices and tools that help improve your test effectiveness and overall software quality. Learn how early collaboration across your whole team can remove bottlenecks and surprises. See how capturing and agreeing on interfaces between dependent systems can eliminate common issues that occur when systems are finally integrated for testing and nothing works. Understand how service virtualization and test automation go hand-in-hand to get your testing effort started earlier to achieve higher coverage more quickly. Join Marianne to learn how continuous integration and continuous deployment can get your test environments ready to test immediately after a new build is made—with no wasted time.

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