Destroying the Horcruxes of Full-Stack Automation

Iryna Suprun

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Testing complex, distributed systems that consist of many layers and different types of software is a challenge. Creating a successful automation solution for such systems is like battling Voldemort: You need to pay attention to flying curses while fighting. Automation teams often concentrate on solving technical issues but forget about the evils popping up that can harm their project. Just like in the Harry Potter books, there are Horcruxes that can curse a robust, high-quality framework unless the QA team finds and destroys them. Fortunately, we are luckier than Harry because we know what the automation Horcruxes are, including flakiness, poor communication patterns, and bad usability that impacts the automation framework more than small bugs or missing features. Iryna Suprun will detail all seven Horcruxes and show you how to win the battle by building a robust, highly adopted automation solution. You'll learn how to conjure an automation framework that brings value while protecting software under test against evil bugs.

About the Presenter

Iryna started her career as a software engineer in 2004 in Ukraine, where she was born. She received her master’s degree in computer science in 2006, and in 2007 she began her first position as a quality analyst. She remained in QA, focusing on the telecom industry and testing real-time communication systems and products such as the audio platform for the GoToMeeting application. Two years ago, she decided it was time to try something new and moved to AdTech. She is presently a QA architect building automation frameworks and implementing testing processes from scratch. Twelve years later, she still cannot stop testing and enjoys every day of it!

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