Design Testability and Service Level Measurements into Software

Jay Weiser, WorkSoft

Design and architecture decisions made early in the project have a profound influence on the testability of an application. Although testing is a necessary and integral part of application development, architecture and design considerations rarely include the impacts of development design decisions on testability. In addition, build vs. buy, third party controls, open source vs. proprietary, and other similar questions can affect greatly the ability of an organization to carry out automated functional and performance testing-both positively and negatively. If the software or service is delivered to a separate set of end-users who then need to perform testing activities, the problems compound. Join Jay Weiser to find out about the important design and architecture decisions that will ensure more efficient and effective testability of your applications.

  • The relationship between design/architecture and automated functional/performance testing effectiveness
  • Testability and service level validation issues
  • The benefits and return on investment of highly testable software applications

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