The Dell EMC Journey in the Age of Smart Assistants

Geoff Meyer

Dell EMC is driving to optimize and reimagine their testing practices with the application of data-driven smart assistants, powered by analytics and machine learning. At a macro level, Geoff Meyer will highlight the opportunities across the product engineering and testing landscapes that are ripe for the application of analytics and AI. Key ingredients in moving toward solutions that matter are the identification of organization-specific pain points, their prioritization, and the availability and cleanliness of essential data. Geoff will share the process of experimentation, staffing, and implementation that his team approached these new opportunities with, and then delve into the smart assistants they’ve created to automate deep-thinking, cognitive-based testing tasks. Q, JARVIS, and Goose automate many time-consuming and deeply analytical tasks, such as determining high-value test configurations, defining maximum-coverage regression test suites, and identifying market-demanding solution workloads when time is not an ally. Most importantly, Geoff will give his insights on the activities that should get the highest levels of attention and those you might want to deprioritize to later phases of your own analytics and AI journey. Join Geoff in exploring how to reimagine testing practices in the age of smart assistants.

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