A Data-Driven Approach for Mobile Testing and Automation

Satyajit Malugu

In the world of mobile app testing, data is your friend. So harness your data to your advantage to create an automation and testing strategy. Satyajit Malagu acknowledges that multiple devices, platforms, languages, crashes, bugs, and app stores make the scope of mobile app testing humongous. When you add in inherent human biases and team dynamics, the problems you face and prioritization challenges can be overwhelming. The data collected from analytics, bug trends, monitoring tools, test results, and other sources can help illuminate a clearer path. Join Satyajit as he provides an overview of the tools available to ensure a quality iOS/Android app. Discover a systematic way to determine which tool is suitable for which phase and context of each mobile project. Leave with a rubric on how you can direct your testing and automation efforts based on your collected data.

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