Cross-Organizational Change Management

Federico Pacquing, Jr., Getty Images, Inc.

The phrase "test plan" means different things to different people. There is even more disagreement about what makes one test plan better than another one. Bernie Berger makes the case for using multi-dimensional measurements to evaluate the goodness of test plans. Walk away with a practical technique to systematically evaluate any complex structure such as a test plan. Learn how to qualitatively measure multiple dimensions of test planning and gain a context-neutral framework for ranking each dimension. You'll also find out why measurement of staff technical performance is often worse than no measurement at all and how to use this technique as an alternative approach to traditional practices. [This presentation is based on work at Software Test Managers Roundtable (STMR) #8 held in conjunction with the STAR conference.]

• Qualitatively evaluate complex structures, like test plans
• Ten dimensions of test planning
• Common problems of managing people with only quantitative measurements-- distortion and dysfunction

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