Credibility: Your Key to Success as a Test Manager

Randy Rice, Rice Consulting Services Inc

For test managers and testers, credibility is everything. Without credibility, people won't take you seriously or believe your findings. There are very specific and achievable things every test manager can and should do to make sure the information conveyed to stakeholders is accurate and reliable. Randall Rice talks about the credibility factors you need to exhibit for success: knowledge, attitude, objectivity, accuracy, trust, and attention to detail. With real-world examples, Randall teaches you to build long-term trust with creative ways to document test findings and present to your stakeholders the information they want-when they need to know it. Take away a list of eight credibility killers, and learn how to rebuild you team's credibility once it is lost.

  • A template for assessing your team’s present credibility rating
  • Ways to deliver accurate and timely information to all project stakeholders
  • Grow as a test manager or tester by building trust and respect

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