Connected Devices, Connected Code, and Connected Teams: The Challenges of IoT Software Delivery

Anders Wallgren

Developing software for the Internet of Things (IoT) comes with its own set of challenges and issues, including security, privacy, and unified standards. Each IoT product is comprised of (at least) three separate application components: the software embedded in the device, the backend service, and the mobile application for the end user’s controls. Each component is developed by a different team, using different technologies and practices, and deployed to a different stack/target. And all of these variables make the integration of these separate pipelines and the coordination of software updates for IoT problematic. How do you coordinate the diverse moving parts that must come together when developing your IoT product or updating each of its components? After taking you for a deep dive into some of the challenges, Anders Wallgren shares take away tips and best practices used by IoT developers to streamline and accelerate their product design, development, test, and manufacturing.

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