Better Software Conference West 2010: Concurrent Testing Games: Developers and Testers Working Together

Abby Fichtner, Microsoft

The best software development teams find ways for programmers and testers to work closely together to build quality into their software. These teams recognize that programmers and testers each bring their own unique strengths and perspectives to the table. Only by building upon this combination can we reach our full potential to consistently deliver quality. To do this, we first have to unlearn the anti-patterns that traditional development taught us. In this interactive workshop, learn how to use Concurrent Testing to overcome these common "testing smells" by having programmers and testers working together, rather than against each other, throughout development iterations. Play games to demonstrate just how powerfully dysfunctional systems can act against your best efforts and how agile techniques can help you escape the cycle of poor quality and late delivery. Discover how to do this on your own teams as Abby Fichtner and Nate Oster walk through a day in the life of concurrent testing for this programmer-tester pair.

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