Complete Your Automation with Runtime Analysis

Poonam Chitale, IBM Rational

So, you have solid automated tests to qualify your product. You have run these tests on various platforms. You have mapped the tests back to the design and requirements documents to verify full coverage. You have confidence that
results of these tests are reliable and accurate. But you are still seeing defects and customer issues-why? Could it be that your test automation is not properly targeted? Solid automated testing can be enhanced through runtime
analysis. Runtime analysis traces execution paths, evaluates code coverage, checks memory usage and memory leaks, exposes performance bottlenecks, and searches out threading problems. Adding runtime analysis to your
automation efforts provides you with information about your applications that cannot be gained even from effective automated testing.

  • Learn how runtime analysis enhances automation
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of code coverage
  • Review the causes of memory leaks

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