The Complete Developer

Luke Hohmann, Enthiosys, Inc.

With the global availability of talented development people there is a growing trend toward the commoditization of software development. No longer is it enough to simply be a developer with knowledge of specific languages or algorithms in order to maintain your competitive edge in the marketplace. To compete, you must become a complete developer-someone who can, for example, write some code in the morning and in the afternoon update the requirements Wiki with the results of the latest customer review meeting with your marketing team. This talk explores what it takes to be a genuinely valuable complete developer in today’s world of agile development, outsourcing, globalization, and an increasingly complex business environment. It will include specific exercises, as well as information from qualitative market research conducted with CTOs and VPEs of large companies as to their definition of the "complete developer" they seek for their programming teams (and it isn't knowledge of Aspect-Oriented Programming or Design Patterns).

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