Combine Test Automation Code with Product Code: The Good, the Bad, and the Lessons Learned

Chris Loder

At STAREAST 2015, Chris Loder spoke about the automation framework that he and his team built at Halogen Software. At the time, they had just moved the test automation code into the development code base so that everyone in R&D was able to use it. One year later, Chris returns to recount the good, the bad, and the lessons learned from the whole experience. He explains why the decision to move the automation code base into the development code base was made and how it was done. Chris goes into detail about what is working well—the new found collaboration between automation and product development; what isn’t working so well—the overhead of managing all these new cooks in the kitchen. And finally, he shares some important lessons learned from the endeavor. Your automation framework is an important tool, so come hear what Chris has to say to see if this is a path that might work for you and your organization.

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