Climbing the Mountain of Continuous Deployment

Michele Campbell

Trying to reach continuous deployment (CD) can feel like scaling a gigantic mountain full of sheer faces, icy passes, and incredible dropoffs. When a company doesn’t take the proper precautions on its journey to CD, it can result in an overworked engineering organization and high-risk issues reaching the end-users. Join Michele Campbell as she discusses key insights about the journey to CD her company is on right now. In just three short months, the organization has managed to double its number of production releases, without overwhelming teams or causing the quality of the program to suffer. Learn what it took to get there, including the tools that were built, how an organization-wide effort was led, and what goals were set and met. You will leave this session with an understanding of how to change your process to improve speed without sacrificing quality, so you can turn your dream of getting to continuous deployment into a reality.

About the Presenter

Michele is a quality assurance manager and release coordinator at Lucid Software Inc., where she has been working on improving the testing process for over three years. Lucid has two web-based platforms that help people work visually, called Lucidchart and Lucidpress. She has been the lead software tester on both products and has performed mobile and API testing roles as well. Lately, her focus has been on improving the production release process and training new team members on common testing methodologies. In her free time, she enjoys board games, playing with her guinea pig, and trying out new recipes.

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