Can Your Mobile Infrastructure Survive 1 Million Concurrent Users?

Siva Katir

When you’re building the next killer mobile app, how can you ensure that your app is both stable and capable of near-instant data updates? The answer: Build a backend! Siva Katir says that there’s much more to building a backend than standing up a SQL server in your datacenter and calling it a day. Since different types of apps demand different backend services, how do you know what sort of backend you need? And, more importantly, how can you ensure that your backend scales so you can survive an explosion of users when you are featured in the app store? Siva discusses the common scenarios facing mobile app developers looking to expand beyond just the device. He’ll share best practices learned while building the PlayFab and other companies’ backends. Join Siva to learn how you can ensure that your app can scale safely and affordably into the millions of concurrent users and across multiple platforms.

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