Building a Testing Factory

Patricia Medhurst, RBC Financial Group

At Royal Bank Financial Group we are building a testing factory. Our vision is that code enters as raw material and exits as our finished product--thoroughly tested. As a roadmap for our work, we have used the IT Information Library (ITIL) standard. ITIL is well known throughout Europe and Canada but has yet to make inroads in the United States. It defines four disciplines: service support,
service delivery, the business perspective, and application management. These
disciplines define processes such as incident management, problem management, availability management, change management, and many others. Join Patricia Medhurst as she discusses their success and their next steps in completing their testing factory.

  • Learn how Royal Bank built their test factory
  • Understand how to integrate individual process into a cohesive whole
  • Determine if ITIL would be useful for your test organization

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