Building an SOA Quality Center of Excellence

Rajeev Gupta, iTKO, Inc.

Before we can realize the promises of technical agility and reuse from a distributed, service-oriented architecture (SOA), we must first establish trust among stakeholders that SOA will meet business requirements. Rajeev Gupta believes that the best way to instill this sense of trust and make SOA adoption possible is through a shared center of excellence focused on SOA quality. Both service providers and businesses consuming services must be confident that services and the underlying implementation and data layers behind them reliably meet business goals, even as they change and evolve over time. An SOA Quality Center of Excellence demonstrates that quality is everyone's duty-not just the testing team's responsibility. Learn the four key activities that the SOA Quality Center of Excellence must manage: structural certification, behavioral validation, performance testing, and service virtualization of test environments. If all stakeholders work together to ensure quality with a continuing focus, SOA can and will succeed in your organization.

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