Building a Skilled Testing Practice In an Innovative Digital Agency

Nimesh Patel

Everybody wants to have their projects tested so that they can deliver top-notch products to their clients. But with multiple projects all running in parallel, all with tight deadlines and all needing testing, simply allocating a tester on a project for some time isn’t going to give you quality. This, in turn, can sometimes make our stakeholders question the value of testing. Join Nimesh Patel as he shares his experience in building a test practice and team from the ground up into valued, credible members of a project, in a digital agency where the focus is often on delivering multiple fast-paced projects in parallel. He shares the skills, approaches, and methods that are valuable when engaging with project stakeholders and managers to enable them to make informed project decisions. Learn how a test practice and team can be built to accommodate the many moving parts of an organization, as well as ideas for how to provide a service suited to the needs of fast-paced projects. Together we can change the perception of testing from a project impediment to a practice that delivers valuable feedback.


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About the Presenter

Nimesh Patel is an experienced, passionate, and skilled software test professional with thirteen years of experience in software testing and quality. As a hands-on test lead and manager, he’s actively involved in the testing efforts of all the projects he works on. He’s tested different types of software systems with different testing missions, and his specialities include web, mobile, VR, and SOA-based software systems in the technology, insurance, and financial sectors. He’s managed testing on large, medium, and small projects and is involved in helping companies build their software test practice, including the training, coaching, and development of software testers. He is currently test lead and head of the testing practice at Valtech Canada, an innovative agency that brings digital experiences to the next level.

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