Building Healthy Agile and DevOps Teams

Lee Eason

The tools and technologies our teams rely on to build solutions are changing faster every day. New frameworks, new tools, transformations to DevOps, and migrations to public cloud are all putting strain on our teams. These changes drive a natural entropy as key-person dependencies form, hurting quality and throughput and leading to morale issues and attrition. Lee Eason has been watching this happen over the past several years and has developed a tool and an approach to address it. You will learn practical approaches to help you build a culture of continuous learning within your teams in order to meet these challenges head on. With a thoughtful approach, you can build a team of T-shaped professionals who use technology innovations to the organization's advantage. Learn how to adapt your current processes to identify skill gaps, then motivate and enable team members to ensure critical capability is adequately spread across your team.

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