Big Data Migration to the Cloud: Testing Challenges and Strategies

Sanjay Srinivas

Moving to the cloud is no longer a question of if, but when. Most corporations are either underway in their cloud adoption or have it on their radar. Typically the move from on-premise to cloud is a few hops and different types of data, such as SQL or some version of a file. Couple this with data transformations and it poses a challenge to testing and QA. How do you validate at each hop? Is it required to validate contents between source and destination? Can this testing be automated? Do we build a tool to automate these steps or purchase one? In this session, Sanjay Srinivas will discuss a real-world example showing how one QA team faced these challenges. He will weigh the options of building versus buying a tool and outline what you need to help solve your big-data needs.

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