Big Data Migration to the Cloud: Testing Challenges and Strategies

Sanjay Srinivas

Moving to the cloud is no longer a question of if, but when. Most corporations are either underway in their cloud adoption or have it on their radar. Typically the move from on-premise to cloud is a few hops and different types of data, such as SQL or some version of a file. Couple this with data transformations and it poses a challenge to testing and QA. How do you validate at each hop? Is it required to validate contents between source and destination? Can this testing be automated? Do we build a tool to automate these steps or purchase one? In this session, Sanjay Srinivas will discuss a real-world example showing how one QA team faced these challenges. He will weigh the options of building versus buying a tool and outline what you need to help solve your big-data needs.

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About the Presenter

Sanjay Srinivas is an experienced IT Leader in a constant learning mode with core expertise in Software Testing/QA. Sanjay has been building and retaining high performing testing teams at Fortune 1000 companies for over ten years and has been consistently selected by executive management to handle challenging issues such as – forming QA team from scratch and improving existing teams and processes to help deliver multiple certified products on schedule. Sanjay’s domain experience ranges from Airline, Travel / Transport, Real time SCADA to Banking and Fintech. Sanjay has experience with manual, automated, performance, UAT, data warehouse and mobile testing.

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