Beyond Continuous Delivery—All the Way to Continuous Deployment

Kris Lankford, Microsoft

Just as those in the software world are getting their hands around agile practices, leading software organizations are going beyond continuous delivery for acceptance testing and now adopting continuous deployment—the practice of immediately releasing new code from development into production without human intervention. Continuous delivery promises to provide higher business value through faster deployment and leaner, more productive development and operations (DevOps). Many DevOps teams are concerned about what will happen to quality when they move to continuous deployment. Kris Lankford explores the business drivers that make continuous deployment compelling, the emerging deployment technologies and methodologies, and tools that are available to support quality in this fast-paced DevOps practice. Learn about the fundamental agile methodologies and testing techniques—both manual and automated—required to ensure that quality remains high. Find out what you need to do to get ready for continuous deployment and ensure you are ready to go—without compromising quality.

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