Better, Strategically - Aligned Decisions, Every Day

Niel Nickolaisen, Energy Solutions

Organizations generally use some type of formal decision-making process, such as cost/benefit analysis, to prioritize and approve projects and initiatives. However, once the project is approved, people make numerous and diverse implementation decisions in a less formal, more ad hoc way. Imagine the benefits that would result if we defined and used a strategically-aligned decision-making framework to help make these decisions. Niel Nickolaisen describes such a framework and helps you learn to adapt the framework for your projects. Niel shares case studies of how development teams have used decision frameworks to dramatically improve their project results. In one of these case studies, a distributed team developing a complex transaction processing engine reduced their release planning cycle from three months to three days. This decision-making model is proven in practice, supported by research, and immediately implementable when you return to your office.

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