Behavior Driven Development—A Guide to Agile Practices

Josh Eastman

It seems as if the agile methods have lots of DD’s going on. BDD – Behavior Driven Development, ATDD – Acceptance Test Driven Development and several others. Adopting BDD allows for testing to be done as early as possible in the software development life cycle, promoting accurate testing, ensuring proper test coverage, and supporting the introduction of automation testing. One challenge is understanding the characteristics and benefits of “driven” approaches. Join Josh Eastman to discover ways that BDD can be employed to describe and test system behavior, user stories, and user acceptance. Josh will discuss Gherkin - the language to capture behavior descriptions and automation with cucumber and explore the four major values of BDD to ensure product quality, while driving time and cost savings. Leave this session with a ideas to reduce the ambiguity and miscommunications that occurs during development and testing.

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