Avoiding Over-design and Under-design

Cory Foy, Net Objectives

The question of how much-or how little-design to do up-front on a project often leads to a conundrum. Too much design often results in overkill engineering that results in extra complexity and wasted effort. Too little design results in insufficient system structures that result in extra complexity and wasted effort. So, how can you determine the right balance for a given application or system? Alan Shalloway offers a proven approach to determine how much design work to do before beginning the code-build steps in a project. Alan has learned that the trick is to discover and ponder what you don’t know, how it may affect you, and then how to isolate these risks in your code in the simplest way possible. In this interactive session, Alan demonstrates the essence of emergent design-starting with a simple design and letting it evolve as the requirements evolve-and then shows how to refactor your design to ultimately produce the best design available.

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