Automation Maturity: Planning Your Next Step in Test Automation

Ayal Cohen, HP

Do you find your organization not achieving the test automation benefits and ROI you expected? Are you spending too much effort rewriting scripts that don't hold up over time? Does your test plan look more like "random acts of automation?" Ayal Cohen describes test automation maturity levels and shares key points on how to determine your test organization's current maturity. Ayal identifies key ideas on how and when to move to the next level. Defining an efficient automation framework coupled with a stepped-up maturity methodology will help you achieve great success with automation. Ultimately, you can increase your test coverage dramatically, shrink your timelines, and better support your company's business goals. As Ayal explains, it's an ongoing process of addressing your goals, challenges, and current maturity level, while laying the foundation for future needs as you grow. Don’t expect a magic bullet, but join this session if you need a practical, step-by-step approach for your test automation.

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