Automated Software Audits for Assessing Product Readiness

Susan Kunz, Solidware Technologies, Inc.

Rather than continually adding more testing, whether manual or automated, how can you assess the readiness of a software product or application for release? By extracting and analyzing the wealth of information available from existing data sources-software metrics, measures of code volatility, and historical data-you can significantly improve release decisions and overall software quality. Susan Kunz shares her experiences using these measures to decide when and when not, to release software. Susan describes how to derive quality index measures for risk, maintainability, and architectural integrity through the use of automated static and dynamic code analyses. Find out how to direct limited testing resources to error-prone code and code that really matters in a system under test. Take back new tools to make your test efforts more efficient.

  • How to apply adaptive analysis to evaluate software quality
  • Effective use of quality indices and indicators
  • Application of finite element analysis to software testing

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