Artful Making for Agile Teams

Stacia Broderick, Agile Evolution, Inc

The phrase "working together" is based on a team collaboration metaphor. However, Stacia Broderick and Lee Devin have found that most teams don't actually collaborate-rather, they consist of modular parts that are steeped in competition and oriented to reward the "stars." Stacia and Lee use a metaphor drawn from theatre art, a form of group work that requires collaboration, encourages interdependency, eschews competition, and emphasizes the project rather than any particular member of the group. Going from simply "working together" to "innovating collaboratively" requires a quantum shift in our thinking about teamwork. This is not a "techniques" workshop--in the kind of work they advocate, there are no quick fixes. However, Stacia and Lee introduce a frame of mind that's necessary if a person or group wants to break out of the box of conventional teamwork.

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