Are Agile Testers Different?

Lisa Crispin, ePlan Services, Inc.

On an agile team everyone tests, blurring the lines between the roles of professional developers and testers. What's so special about becoming an agile test professional? Do you need different skills than testers on traditional projects? What guides you in your daily activities? Lisa Crispin presents her "Top Ten" list of principles that define an agile tester. She explains that when it comes to agile testers, skills are important but attitude is everything. Learn how agile testers acquire the results-oriented, customer-focused, collaborative, and creative mindset that makes them successful in an agile development environment. Agile testers apply different values and principles-feedback, communication, simplicity, continuous improvement, and responsiveness-to add value in a unique way. If you're a tester looking for your place in the agile world or a manager looking for agile testers, Lisa can help.

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