Applying Lean Startup Principles to Agile Projects

Michael Hall, Improving Enterprises

Warning! You can still build the wrong product using agile. In Eric Ries’ book The Lean Startup, he poses the question: What if we found ourselves building something that nobody wanted? In that case, what would it matter if we did it on time and on budget? We often assume the Product Owner is smart enough to define the right product. But what if we are wrong? Michael Hall shares lean startup principles and how they can be applied to ensure that the product we are building is righteous. Learn new agile concepts such as hypothesis-driven project vision, knowledge broker personas, learning maps, minimum learning product, experiment backlogs, experiment test iterations, validated learning, and pivot/persevere decisions. Case studies and Michael’s first-hand product experience emphasize the learning points. New and mature agilistas alike will leave the session armed with Lean Startup agile techniques that can be applied immediately on their agile projects.

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