ALM in the Cloud: Bringing Code to the Cloud and Back Again

Mik Kersten, Tasktop Technologies

The deployment destination for today’s applications is going through its biggest transition since the rise of the application server. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and other cloud service offerings are putting pressure on every stakeholder in the application lifecycle, forcing us to modernize both our skill sets and tool stacks. Mik Kersten describes the key cloud technology trends and demonstrates how the coming wave of cloud-friendly application lifecycle management (ALM) tools and practices will become the defining factor for productivity and ultimate success. Discover the new challenges developers face when deploying and debugging multi-tenanted applications on hosted infrastructures. Learn how continuous integration loops require testers to learn new tools that connect them directly to running applications. See what business and development managers must wrap their heads around with an ever-growing set of shiny-but often siloed-tools that are wreaking havoc with governance. Leave with a new appreciation for and understanding of what it takes to develop mission-critical systems for the cloud.

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