AI and Machine Learning for Testers

Jason Arbon

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the most important technology for software testers to understand today. All software will soon have AI-powered components, and they are unlike anything you’ve ever tested before. As risky as AI can be, it is a powerful weapon for testers to solve some of their most painful testing challenges today. The web was great, mobile is interesting, but AI will truly change the way you build and test all software. Jason Arbon gives a brief introduction to AI and machine learning (ML) so you can nod your head knowingly when the topics come up. Explore how products that leverage machine learning are tested at Google, Microsoft, and new startups. Learn the basics of labeling data, training sets, testing sets, measuring quality, and the risks of retraining neural networks. Even learn how to apply AI and ML to your own testing work today. Join Jason to get a glimpse into the new world where we will work hand-in-hand with our new AI bot friends. Don’t miss the AI train—it will change everything.

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