Agility without Complexity: Fast and Efficient

Geoff Perlman, Xojo, Inc.

The Agile Manifesto was stated in less than seventy words. Now, fourteen years later, layer upon layer have been added to it. What was supposed to be a simple philosophy has exploded into a gigantic industry. Much of this layering makes agile seem overly complex. We know developers want to focus on getting their work done, unhindered by rules and regulations. Developers should know the priorities of what to work on, do their work, report their progress, and be held accountable. This process should be supportive, not burdensome. Geoff Perlman shows how a small engineering team built a large project (Xojo) with new releases regularly, using a simplified agile process that gets the job done without adding complexity to the lives of the team. If your team is grumbling about your agile processes, join Geoff as he shows you how to focus on the “meat” of agile so you can be both fast and efficient—without the complexity.

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