Agile vs. Agility: Doing vs. Being

Ahmed Sidky, Santeon

To be agile or not to be agile … that is not the question anymore; agile adoption is on the rise and there seems no turning back. The real question is whether we are focused on boiling agile down to a list of prescribed practices or are we dedicated to embracing and internalizing the core values and principles of agility. Ahmed Sidky explores why “doing” agile over “being” agile could be the reason some organizations do not produce hyper-performing agile teams. He challenges the current thinking of many agile proponents and suggests a solution to the problem. Ahmed offers a value-based roadmap for agile adoption consisting of five steps-collaborative, evolutionary, integrated, adaptive, and encompassing-to help teams and organizations embrace principles over practices. Ahmed helps you crystallize your thinking about the issue of agile vs. agility, the true values of agility, and how choosing a proper course affects the healthy propagation of agility throughout the team and the wider organization.

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