Agile Testing in a Waterfall World

Kat Rocha

What can a tester do when they join an organization that isn’t really agile—or maybe is (gasp) still waterfall? In these situations, it is important to focus on the values and principles that make up agile. Even in a development environment that does not strictly follow an agile-related methodology like Scrum or kanban, the tester can still bring agile principles to their testing. Kat Rocha will share real-world experiences relating to how test engineering can act agile within a waterfall development team, as well as what is important for testing in a team that is undergoing an agile transformation. Finally, Kat will discuss how even these small agile methodology changes can make test engineering more efficient and effective.

About the Presenter

Kat Rocha has over twenty years of experience in Test Engineering and is currently the Lead Test Engineer for the Austin Engineering group of Imperva, Inc., a leading cyber-security company. Kat has managed and lead test teams working at The Advisory Board Co., Dell, HP and Compaq, working on computer hardware, software and firmware. Kat loves to break things and that makes her passionate about quality and customer experiences. She has a Master’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech and a BS in Computer Engineering from Texas A&M. She also likes to run half-marathons and compete in taekwondo.

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