Agile Software Development: What's in it for Testers?

Alan Ridlehoover, Microsoft

Agile software development methods change the ways teams work together to build software systems. Testers often are wary of what these changes will mean to them. However, experience shows that testers stand to benefit significantly from agile practices. In fact, testers who are willing to embrace agility with the rest of their project team can expect greater influence, productivity, confidence, and career growth potential. Looking at the technical, management, and social aspects of agile development, Alan Ridlehoover describes how agile methods differ from traditional software development practices. He describes what changes and what stays the same for the testing and test management roles within a project. Discover how testers can benefit when their organizations adopt agile processes and the common pitfalls many testers encounter in making the transition.

  • How agile development and traditional methods differ
  • The changed role of the tester in the agile environment
  • Where to learn more about agile practices and the role of testing

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