Agile Requirements: Not an Oxymoron

Ellen Gottesdiener, EBG Consulting, Inc.

Agile processes were originally designed to break down the barriers among users, programmers, and testers. Now, DevOps-an emerging set of principles and practices for communication, collaboration, and integration between development and IT operations-seeks to break down the development/operations barriers. By applying agile principles to operations and re-architecting the interfaces between these groups, DevOps empowers organizations to deliver high-value software faster and with fewer errors. Jez Humble describes how to implement DevOps practices in large enterprises-and small organizations. Starting with an investigation of the crisis facing large IT departments, Jez discusses the root causes of operations challenges and how DevOps addresses them. He explores how the guiding principles of DevOps-collaboration, automation, measurement, and information sharing-enable continuous delivery through rapid software releases of high quality software. Using examples from real companies, including, Jez illustrates how to accelerate innovation within your company with DevOps techniques and shares the architecture and organizational structures necessary for success.

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