Agile at the Intersection of Mobile, Cloud, and the Internet of Things

Don MacIntyre

The Internet of Things (IoT) will be a $1.7 trillion market by 2020. Don MacIntyre explains how agile is being used in Internet of Things systems—often combined with mobile and cloud technologies. Don reviews how agile is successfully being used today in a wide range of development environments, including software as a service applications, large and complex mission critical systems, and for both mobile software and hardware. Don looks closely at IoT, examines how it is disrupting many traditional markets, and explores how traditional device manufacturers are applying agile. Learn which agile patterns are working for IoT and how to apply them to developing embedded code, physically building new devices, and integrating IoT systems with mobile and cloud applications. Take away new knowledge of IoT opportunities and an understanding of how agile is being used for complex projects well beyond traditional software applications.

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