Agile Engineering for Architects

Ryan Shriver, Dominion Digital

Agile development requires architects and architecture, but the current user story-centric approach ignores the qualities of systems, instead overly focusing on features and functions. Sadly, developers who depend primarily on stories miss enormous value-creation opportunities for stakeholders. Developers often think system qualities (non-functional requirements) are someone else's responsibility to define. Even when defined, these qualities are typically not quantified, instead specified with vague terms such as "faster" and "better". Ryan Shriver believes that architects are needed to build successful systems. Architects think like engineers and actively participate in quantifying the key system qualities and then designing to implement those qualities. Ryan demonstrates techniques architects can use that are lightweight-but-rigorous and can be applied to agile projects of any size. Learn about practical tools and techniques you can immediately apply on your projects, proven techniques that are used in designing and building very complex and robust systems.

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