Agile Database Development

Pramod Sadalage, ThoughtWorks Inc

If you've had difficulty applying agile methods to the database side of development, you're not alone. Most developers see the database as an obstacle to-not a part of-agile development. Pramod Sadalage shows how to apply agile development principles to the database, thereby making the database an integral part of the application development effort. To allow for rapidly changing requirements, Pramod explains how you can make the database and its data more flexible. He shares how to set up processes so that the database team can version control their work, make sure database code gets tagged along with the application code, and create database change deployment packages. With code and examples, Pramod describes how to apply the following agile practices to the database: pair programming, continuous integration, refactoring, database version control, automated database sandbox creation, test-driven development, behavior-driven database development, automated testing, and automated database migration. Join in and get your database development on the agile track.

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