Agile Architecture: Patterns and Technology

Kirk Knoernschild, Burton Group

Despite our wishing it were so, software architecture is not static throughout a project, especially within an agile development environment. Agile architecture is defined by our willingness and ability to embrace and accommodate architectural changes that emerge during the project. Agile architecture issues are both temporal-when to make architectural decisions-and structural, demanding that the architect and architecture remain flexible and able to accommodate change. Kirk Knoernschild examines these two aspects of agile architecture, exploring the concepts of architecture throughout the agile lifecycle and describing the activities agile architects perform. Join with Kirk to discuss architecture modularity issues, and how to deconstruct large systems to increase flexibility, reusability, maintainability, extensibility, and testability. Explore the inextricable links between temporal and structural agile architecture as you examine the patterns and technologies that lead to a truly agile architecture.

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