Agile Acceptance Testing Using .NET FitNesse

Gojko Adzic, Neuri Ltd.

FitNesse is an open-source test automation tool that enables business users, developers, and testers to cooperate on agile acceptance testing. FitNesse allows them to build a shared understanding of system requirements that ultimately produces the software that is genuinely fit for its purpose. Gojko Adzic presents an introduction to agile acceptance testing. He discusses when to use FitNesse, when not to use it, and how to start writing acceptance tests with this free tool. Gojko explains how to make the most of automated acceptance tests by focusing on business rules, how to overcome workflow constraints, and how to avoid common testing pitfalls. He describes features specific to the .NET FitNesse test runner, including cell handlers and embedded symbols, that allow you to save time and effort in writing and maintaining tests. Join in to see if FitNesse fits into your .NET testing world.

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